Palm oil


Palm oil has some unique characteristics: its chemical composition makes it very similar to butter, which makes it an ideal product for the preparation of baked dishes. A great performance at high temperatures (240 °) also makes it an excellent choice for frying.
With a basically neutral taste and aroma, it is a product rich in vitamin E and extremely easy to digest.


The product is obtained starting from Elaies Guineensis, palm fruits, collected through scrupulous quality controls.


Especially good on…

The characteristic similarity with butter, from a chemical point of view, makes it perfect for the production of baked dishes such as croissants and biscuits, of which it guarantees crispness and crunchiness.
The resistance to high temperatures also makes it ideal for any type of frying, even mixed with other suitable types of oil.



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Nutritional values

for 100 g:

3700 kJ
900 kcal




for 100 g:

0 g

0 g

for 100 g:

0 g

for 100 g:

0 g


Fat of which




for 100 g:

100 g

42.5 g

44.5 g

13 g


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Flavour and Lightness

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