Family Passion

For generation, the love for these products

Art and Tradition

Experience’s cure in every production phase

Italian Quality

The taste of the italian cuisine in each drop

Variety Tastes

The perfect dressing for each dish.


Tradition, from father to son

The roots of our work are like those of our olive trees: strong, deep, authentic.
The same attention we reserve to our family, we dedicate it to our work too.
Because it was born from there and it’s from there that it continues, solid, since 1904.


Since 1904

The origins
Export to America
100 years of activity
Sabino Basso line
Basso is created by Felice Basso
The beginning of foreign sales, mainly in the United States
100 years of activity and production
New Sabino Basso product line, High quality extra virgin olive oil produced in selected geographical areas

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The story of a large family and a generous land, named

From the heart of Campania, all the excellence of Italian oil

From Irpinia, land of genuine Campania generosity, there are the best olives from the Italian regions. From here we distribute our oils, this land is the connection point of all the exquisite regional peculiarities of our peninsula, from which they start and spread all over the world.

Respect the environment

The entire production is energy saving, reducing the environmental impact.

Only traceable origins

Only traceable origins We know where all our olives come from. And our customers will also...

Only controlled processes

Prudence is never too much, and in the laboratory we constantly check the processing.

Only certified standards

We are careful that each work phase respects the expected quality standards.

Only trusted suppliers

We only choose those who work best. A constant guarantee.

Only top quality olives

From our experience we have learned how to recognize the best olives. Our only choice.

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Quality for every taste

The variety of the products Basso Oil is perfect for every kind of taste. From raw seasoning to simple cooking to light frying, each usage is very good on any kind of food.

Extra Virgin Taste

A wide selection of extra virgin olive oils obtained
according to different selected compositions

Drizzle of Oil

Main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet,
with a perfect light and very delicate taste

Flavour and Lightness

Versatile products, suitable for any type of recipe,
rich in vitamins and Omega three fats

Aromas Richness

The quality of Basso extra virgin olive oil,
the variety of flavors of selected products

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Serving taste for 5 generations

Discover the Basso Oil

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On the set of “Don Matteo”


We had the pleasure of being on the set of “Don Matteo”, the most loved fiction by the Italians. It was nice to be able to enjoy the series and to see our oil appear every now and then. Our bottles certainly have talent on the small screen.

New Sabino Basso line

A single place of origin, all its peculiarities, in a new line of superior quality products. The typical tastes of the olives of Sicily, Calabria, the Sorrento Peninsula and others, enclosed in bottles with a selected and refined design.

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Certified quality

For us members of Basso Oil, quality is synonymous of goodness.

ISO 9001
ISO 22000
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