Respect for the environment

We choose the environment, every day

“Our values: the environment”

The earth is good to us, generous. It offers us its fruits every day, it allows us to enjoy the beauty of its panoramas. We could not fail to reciprocate.

Since 2003 we have therefore decided to do something to respect the environment and the planet on which we live.

We have relied on photovoltaics, we have created a lighting system that reduces consumption by 35%, we only package recyclable materials and we manage waste disposal responsibly and ecologically. 

We do our best, but we are constantly looking for new ways to do better.

Since 2003 we have achieved these goals

Consumption reduction

Healthy products in a healthy environment

“Our Values, Ethics”

Our success is thanks to our collaborators, with whom we work shoulder to shoulder every day, sharing values and objectives.

This is thanks to a Management System that allows us to constantly remember what we believe in.

We listen to our collaborators and train the new arrivals, guiding them towards the company’s ideas. We are careful that everyone has the same treatment, that there is harmony between them, that our relationships manage to be human even before working.

We take care of those around us because it helps us grow.