White Wine Vinegar

White wine vinegar


Obtained from the fermentation of white or rosé wine, this product is a valid alternative to lemon as a condiment. It has a straw yellow color and the classic pungent smell of vinegar.


The wine from which this vinegar is made of, is produced exclusively in Italy.

Especially good on…

Excellent on salads and grilled vegetables, for the preparation of vinaigrettes flavored with spices and to accompany dishes based on vegetables and raw fish. It can also be used for the preparation of vegetable and pickled fish preserves.



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Nutritional values

for 100 g:

82 kJ
21 kcal




for 100g :

0.4 g

0.4 g

for 100 g:

0.01 g

for 100 g:

0.02 g


Fat of which




for 100 g:

0 g

0 g

0 g

0 g


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