This product is a selected blend of palm oil and sunflower seeds, specifically designed to get the most out of frying: a crispy dish with a delicate taste.
The scent and color of this type of oil are neutral, which allows it to not alter any flavor with its use.

Especially good on…

This product is perfect for frying. Each type of frying will produce a dry but tasty, crunchy and golden result at the right point. It can also be used for baked goods, both sweet and savory.



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Nutritional values

for 100 g:

3700 kJ
900 kcal




for 100 g:

0 g

0 g

for 100 g:

0 g

for 100 g:

0 g


Fat of which




for 100 g:

100 g

19 g

33 g

48 g


Taste Them All

Extra Virgin Taste

A wide selection of extra virgin olive oils obtained
according to different selected compositions

Drizzle of Oil

Main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet,
with a perfect light and very delicate taste

Flavour and Lightness

Versatile products, suitable for any type of recipe,
rich in vitamins and Omega three fats

Aromas Richness

The quality of Basso extra virgin olive oil,
the variety of flavors of selected products

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