How a unique oil is born

“We choose the best just for you”

It is from all over Italy that we choose our olives, but it is here, in Irpinia, that we transform and distribute them all over the world. We only turn to traditional suppliers, the ones we know we can trust. We talk to them and select the best olive groves, to be sure to choose the best they can offer.

The collection which is precise, almost scientific, is entrusted to their expert hands. They wait for the right degree of ripeness, when the olives are partially colored on the surface and light in the pulp. These are our choice: the best.

Then, once harvested, their state of health is checked before reaching the oil mill to be processed. Here their journey to us ends and begins the journey to reach you.

All the leaves are removed, then the olives are washed and crushed until a paste is created, then it is mixed at a controlled temperature through specific blades that permit the breaking of vacuoles and the emission of little drops of oils that spontaneously emerge on the surface.

The oil is separated from the paste and from the vegetation water through a system of centrifuges which in two steps will produce on one side the extra virgin olive oil and on the other the pomace, i.e. the solid part of the paste from which subsequently the olive pomace oil will be extracted.

The extra virgin olive oil thus obtained is immediately subjected to analysis by our experts in order to check its quality.

And the best oil can only come from the best olives.

How we work

Respect the environment

The entire production is energy saving, reducing the environmental impact.

Only traceable origins

Only traceable origins We know where all our olives come from. And our customers will also...

Only controlled processes

Prudence is never too much, and in the laboratory we constantly check the processing.

Only certified standards

We are careful that each work phase respects the expected quality standards.

Only trusted suppliers

We only choose those who work best. A constant guarantee.

Only top quality olives

From our experience we have learned how to recognize the best olives. Our only choice.